The tour will take place in the Khentii province Mongolian sacred place because of its historical relation between great conqueror Chinggis Khaan. Also the stunning nature unique rock formations. For this reason there are plenty of exciting historical sites of ancient Great Mongolian Empire and Chinggis Khaan such as the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan, Blue lake where Temuujin was entitled as a Khan of Mongolia, Onon Tsagaan Lake –the place Chinggis Khaan established Great Mongolian Empire and others. One of the most interesting highlights of the trip will be The 13th Century Theme Park.

1. Ulaanbaatar

Our team will meet you at the “Chinggis Khan” international airport and transfer you to the hotel in downtown. Then visit the “Gandan tegchilen” monastery, the National History Museum, Bogd Khaan museum (Bogd Khan was the last king of Mongolia).
18:00PM Traditional Folklore concert of “Tumen ekh” ensemble at the National Theatre.
Lunch at ‘’Nomads’’ restaurant
Dinner and Overnight at Bayangol**** hotel

In the foreground is the 100-year old Choijin Lama Temple. Behind it is the brand new Blue Sky Tower, which is currently condemed becuase the foundation is shifting.

2. Chinggis Khaan Equestrian Statue And 13th Century Complex

Breakfast at the hotel
We visit the largest Equestrian statue in the world, based just outside the capital Ulaanbaatar. 54km east of the city, this statue complex is located on the hill of Tsonjim Boldog in the Erdene sum of the Tuv aimag province. The legend is; In the year 1177 Temuujin and his siblings Khasar, Belguudei were returning from a visit to present gifts in exchange for a military help from the local loyal figure Touril of the Khereit tribe, they found a golden horse whip on the way and had called this land “A place with great fortune”. Since then the Mongols have been treating this place with utmost respect.
We’ll head to the 13th century complex. The attraction is located 45km east of the Chinggis Khaan statue. The real-time experience of this complex is to provide the picture of how Mongols lived back then. The tourists will feel as though they’re in the past.
The complex consists of Khaan’s Palace, Mail man and the guard’s post, Shaman’s camp, Herdsman’s camp etc.
We’ll visit and make home of all of these Mongolian yurt types of housings of different interior structures that represent how the higher ranking generals lived and how the soldiers lived.
The tourists will also be invited to pay homage to the White and the Black Tug (Horse tail flag) Banner as part of the customs. Here, the presentation of traditional ancient knitting, embroilments, books and codex, and the customary rituals in herdsmanship will be on display. Also Shaman’s gears and special drumming items will be exhibited.
Overnight at the Ger (Yurt) camp.

3. Khar Zurkhnii Khuh Nuur (Blue Lake Of The Black Heart), Khangal Nuur (Khangal Lake)

After Breakfast, the group will head out to the Khar Zurkhnii nuur (In English; The Blue lake of the black heart). This is a historic place where the 27 year old Temuujin’s coronation to become “Chinggis Khaan” took place. Then the party will head towards the Khangal lake. According to the Secret history (book) of Mongols, the Khangal lake was a pasture land for Chinggis Khaan’s flock of horse.
Overnight at Bayangol Ger camp

4. Bereeven Monastery- Rein Deer Stone –Rashaan Stone- Uglugch Wall

Breakfast at the camp; today’s program includes; a visit to the Bereeven Monastry, the monastry was built in 1813 to signify the golden lineage of Chinggis Khaan’s birthplace. The monastry at the time of its peak had 8000 registered lamas (Buddhist Monks), 4 large aimag tribes, the wise people with high level intelligence and as well as many urban structures. This town was the biggest religious settlement in the eastern Mongolia.
In the period of the repression era most of the buildings and monastery had been destroyed throughout the country. And in the year 1990, the area was restored partially and religious practices had resumed.
We will then make our way to the Bugan Chuluun xushuu, which has the connection to the period of 9-11th century BC (In English; Deer stone statue). It can be reached in about 14km south east of the Bereeven Khiid.
The group will then visit one of the biggest discoveries in the country (Rashaan Khad, in English; Spa Cliff) that has over 60 stone wall inscriptions and illustration collections. This discovery includes inscriptions of animals, humans, hundreds of meaningful symbols, inscriptions in ancient Chinese, Arabic, Tuureg and Tibetan languages. Also the cliff surrounded by many ancient burial sites. It is estimated that the discovery belongs to the period of Palaeophytic to Medieval era. Our next stop is to see Uglugchiin kherem (In English; Saint’s wall); The wall is 3km in length, 2-3m in height and 2.5m in thickness.
Overnight at tourist camp.

5. Onon Tsagaan Nuur (Onon White Lake), Memoirs Of The Pine Wood.

After breakfast the party will go to the one of the 6 large burial sites of Hunnu Dynasty. This burial site contains loyal figures who had governed the eastern part of the Hunnu Empire. We’ll also visit the queen’s complex nearby that had played significant role in making of Mongol history. In this complex, we’ll study and learn the history of the past Mongol queens. The complex is in a close proximity of Onon Murun (Onon river) and Balj Murun (Balj River) where Chinggis Khaan was born. The place has the beautiful combination of 3 lakes surrounded by pine wood forest that will be a delightful experience for Photography enthusiasts.
Overnight stay at ger camp.

6. Gurvan Nuur (Three Lakes)

The group will spend full day at the camp and participate in light activities such as hiking around the lakes taking photos. Also, make a short trip to a Buriad ethnic family. Spend the rest of the day freely enjoying the scenery back at the camp.

7. Khentii Aimag Province

After breakfast the group head to Khentii aimag province. Today’s tour includes; a Man-like rock called Gelen Khushuu, this is a grave of 13th century loyal figures. About 21km south west of the Gelen khushuu lay the ruin of 2 cities of the Khitan dynasty with a wall boundary separating them.
Overnight at hotel.

8. Gun Galuut Nature Reserve

After breakfast drive to Gun Galuut Nature Reserve.
We will watching (Argali) wild sheep and Bird watching.
After lunch we will ride a horse for 3 hour.
Overnight at ger camp.

9. Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast transfer to Ulaanbaatar city. Check- in at the hotel. After Lunch head out to “Goyo” Mongolian cashmere shop for shopping and stop by The state department store in the city center.

10. Departure

Check out from hotel and transport to Chinggis Khan International airport. End of the tour.

2 -3 pax-1730 USD per person, 4-6 pax- 1100 USD per person 7-9 pax-1030USD per person

      The tour includes:

    • Bayangol**** hotel
    • Ger camp
    • Meals in the itinerary
    • All entrance fees
    • Horse riding equipments two ours
    • English speaking guide
    • Experienced driver
    • Land transportation by chauffeured 4WD vehicle
    • Traditional concert ticket
    • Boating and Kayaking for 2 hour
    • 2 Bottles (0.5ml) water per day

      The tour excludes:

    • International airfare or train cost
    • Beverages (soft drinks and alcoholic)
    • Not mentioned things in the itinerary

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