You will visit historical places in this tour. This itinerary is designed to offer a great historical tour at the shortest time period on most beautiful scenic views of Mongolia. You will drive on asphalt road, off-road and grassland. On the way you would experience an unforgettable untouched nature. (High mountains, forest steppes, steppes, sand dunes, river, ponds, lakes, rocks, natural land shaft . Historical landmarks, monastery, temples, memorial statue, ancient city museum)

1. Ulaanbaatar

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Meet our guide and driver at the airport. Chinggis khan’s  Square, Chinggis Khaan Statue

Gandan monastery and history museum.

Enjoy to   performance of national folklore

Zaisan mountain for panoramic view of Ulaanbaatar.

In the foreground is the 100-year old Choijin Lama Temple. Behind it is the brand new Blue Sky Tower, which is currently condemed becuase the foundation is shifting.

2. Ulaanbaatar- Elsen Tasarhai

Drive to Elsen tasarkhai after breakfast. On the way visit with nomad family, explore them how do they live in yurt, how do they make dairy products, take some picture and attempt to drink fermented mare’s milk. Opportunity to ride Bacterian (two-humped) camels.

3. Orkhon Valley

The waterfall is situated in the historically significant Orkhon Valley, whose river flows an incredible 1120km to the north before it joins the mighty Selenge River. Also called Ulaan Tsutgalan River, the waterfall was formed by a unique combination of volcano eruptions and earthquakes about 20,000 years ago. The fall is naturally most impressive after heavy rain.

Stay overnight at ger tourist camp.

4. Tuvkhun Monastery

Drive to Tuvkhun monastery. High Shiveet Ulaan Mountain in the mountains marking the north side of the Orkhon Waterfall laid the ruins of this ancient temple and retreat. Zanabazar founded the site in 1651 and lived, worked and meditated here for 30 years. Several pilgrimage sites have grown up around the temple and hermit’s caves, including one that is said to be Zanabazar’s boot print.

Stay overnight at ger  tourist camp.

5. Kharahorum Erdenezuu Monastery- Tsenkher Hot Spring

Mongolia’s ancient capital, Kharkhorum, Chinggis Khaan’s fabled city, was founded in 1220 in Orkhon valley, at the crossroads of the Silk Road. It was land of the Mongol Empire governed, until Khubilai Khaan moved it to Beijing. On the ruin of the Kharkhorum, Mongolian first and largest Buddhist monastery was built in 1586. The most of the construction material ware taken from Kharkhorum ruin. Erdenezuu monastery is surrounded 400×400 meters of walls with 108 stupas. By the 1792, it housed 62 temples and 10,000 lamas. 1930’s is the darkest part of Erdenezuu like  other monastery in Mongolia when religion was forbidden.After breakfast we will drive to Tsenkher Hot Spa 2ndhottest spa in the Mongolia. Rest well, enjoy having hot spa. Stay overnight in ger at tourist camp.

6. Ugii Lake- Khushuu Tsaidam

By the time, main parts of the monastery works as a museum where exhibits Buddhist artworks and facilities, only a temple holds religious activity. Khusuu tsaidam nearby, Turkish monuments and rock inscriptions erected in 8-9th centuries in memory of outstanding fighters for independence. The world famous place for its wonderful relics of the past. Ugii lake, locates on the centre of Mongolia, in the territory, of the Arkhangai province is one of the biggest lakes of Mongolia and has 27 km squire area. Average depth is 6.64m, in some sections 15.3m, coastal length is 23.5m.

Overnight at ger tourist camp

7. Khustai National Park

Early depart to the  Khustai National Park and arrive in Khustai National Park by lunch time, after lunch  drive to deep into National park to see wildlife specially world only wild horse Takhi, which is take 2 hour tour and return back to the Ulaanbaatar city.

To shopping Shopping to Goyo cashmere shops, souvenir house and State Department store.

Overnight at hotel.

8. End Of Tour

After breakfast drive to “Chinggis khan” international airport.

2-3 PAX:1870 USD per person

      The tour includes:

    • Hotel****
    • Ger camp
    • Tour Meals
    • Land transportation by chauffeured 4WD vehicle
    • Sightseeing entrance fee
    • National park entrance tax
    • Camel riding one our
    • Horse riding equipment
    • Experienced driver
    • English speaking guide
    • Drop of service

      The tour excludes:

    • International airfare or train cost
    • Travel Insurances
    • Beverages (soft drinks and alcoholic)
    • Any additional expanse not mentioned above

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