Flower is a brilliant present of kind heart. This tour is designed specifically for and nature flower lovers.

In flowering and Sunny summer time, you will enjoy the beautiful and romantic flowers dancing in the wind and bowing to you.  You will Sense it like Eden where everything is fine and wild animals are so calm and friendly. You can feel that such nature gives people spiritual satisfaction and compassion.

Mongolia is home to more than 2823 species of plants, representing a mixture of species from the northern taiga of Siberia, the steppe and the dessert of Central Asia. Mongolian territory is classified in 16 geographic zones by its plant distribution.

1. Arrive In Mongolia

Arrive to Ulaanbaatar city. Meeting with guide and driver at the airport.  Transfer to hotel. We will start city tou. Visit to Chinggis square on the Sukhbaatar monument an ntional history museum. After lunch visit to Natural history museum. Traditional folklore concert. Overnight at hotel****.

2. Khustai National Park

Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to the beautiful Khustai National Park which is located 96km from UB. This unique place one of the most interesting beautiful landscape in Mongolia. The total area of the National park is 50600 hectares. According to the botany-geographical taxonomy Khustai national park belongs to mountainous forest-steppe area of Mongol-Daurian sub region of Western Siberian steppe cape of Euro-Asian steppe region. You can watch Spiraea (Spiraea salicifolia L.), Valerian (Valeriana officinalis.L), Lily, Onion (Allium senescens L.), Liquorice (Glycyrhiza uralensis), Aster (Heteropappus biennis), larkspur (Delphinium cheilanthum)…Overnight at Ger camp.

3. Khustai National Park

We will full day watch of flower. There are 457 species of vascular plants this park. 7 of them were recognized in Mongolian Red book and 5 species were protected by Law of nature plants.

The Khustai NP in Mongolia is world famous for the successful reintroduction of the Przewalskii horse.

We will watch Takhi (as we call the Prezwalskii horse) came back to the steppe where it belongs.

There are also 217 species of birds such as demoiselle crane, cinereous vulture, black Stork, great buzzard and spotted woodpecker.  We will watch Buttercup (Ranunculus japonicas,) Pasque flower (Pulsatilla flavrscens), Cherry (Padus asiatica), Stellera (Stellera chamaejasme.L), Tansy ( Chrysanthemum zawadskii), Edelweiss (Leontopodium ochroleucum), Dead nettle (Lamium album), Burnet (Sanguisorbo officanalis.L), Pink (Dianthus superbus L.) Rose….

Overnight at ger camp.

4. Terelj National Park

Breakfast. 2 hour transfer to Chinggis Khan statue complex. The statue is biggest Chinggis Khan statue in the world. The haughty and yet honorable statue is surrounded by 36 columns representing 36 Mongolian Khaans. The entire edifice is covered in 250 tonne of steel. Visitors will ascend to the exhibition hall using an elevator at the back of the horse and will walk to the horse’s head passing through its chest and the back of its neck from where they will have an excellent panoramic view over the complex area and the scenery beyond.

Lunch at “Golden Whip” restaurant.

After lunch transfer to Terelj National park.

You can watch forest plants.

Overnight at Ger camp.

5. Terelj National Park

Breakfast at camp.

We will hike to depths of the forest. We will watch Flower of forest.

Also, visit to Turtle rock and Aryabal Temple.

Dinner at Chinggis Khan statue complex.

Overnight at Chinggis Khan statue ger camp.

6. Gun Galuut Nature Reserve

Amazingly, Gun-Galuut’s vast and diverse landscape has traditionally been a refuge for a rich and unique assemblage of animals, and it’s combined from diversity of ecosystem although it owns comparatively small area. The harmonized complex of high mountains, steppes, rivers, lakes and wetlands as well are kept enough as its original state.

The place plants determined 86 species belonging to 76 orders from 33 families plants in 2007, out of which 41 species belonging to 36 orders from 19 families are useful and medicinal plants, and 2 species are rare plants listed in Mongolian Red Data Book.

Including two zones that are forest steppe of Mongol Daguur and Steppe of Middle Khalkh, Gun-Galuut NR is rich in many kind of useful and medicinal plants.

Overnight at Gun Galuut Nature Reserve. Cruciferae Jusse (Dontostemon integrifolius. L. C),Caryophyllaceae Juss (Dianthus versicolor Fisch. L.),Rosaceae Juss (Amygdalus pedunculata Pall), Carum carvi,

Overnight at ger camp.

7. Gun Galuut Nature Reserve

All day watching beautiful flowers.

Gun-Galuut Nature reserve has many clear rivers including the River Kherlen, one of the longest in Mongolia, River Ayaga, River Shinebulag and River Galuutai and so on. All are rich in fish. River Ayaga flows from Lake Ayaga and joins the River Kherlen. Currently 38 species of fish are observed in the River Kherlen which flows from the Khentii Mountain range and joins Lake Dalai in Inner Mongolia. Fish species, Taimen (Hucho Taimen), Lenok (Brachymystax lenok), Amur pike (Esox reicherti), Burbot (Lota lota), Amur dase (Leuciscus waleski) and Flathead asp (Pseudaspius parva) and many more. The Nature Reserve is open for all 4 seasons with its rich fishery “Catch and Release” only, amazing nature beauty and wilderness. You have opportunities to fish for Taimen – The River King as the world class fishermen call it.

Overngiht at ger camp.

8. 13th Century Theme Park

Breakfast at camp. Drive to 13th century theme park.

The purpose of the 13th century theme park is to build and establish real time micro kingdom of the 13th century to make the experiences for the tourists as authentic as possible during their stay by genuinely providing true environment of the way of living.

Lunch at 13th century theme park. After lunch drive to Ulaanbaatar city.

Shopping to “Goyo” cashmere shop and State Department house.

Overnight at hotel****.

9. Departure

After breakfast transfer to Chinggiss Khan intl airport.

2 pax- 1950USD per person

3 pax-1540 USD per person

4-5pax- 1400USD per person

6-7 pax- 1250USD per person

      The tour includes:

    • 2 nights stay 4*hotel
    • 5 nights stay tourist ger*** camp
    • Transportation fee
    • English speaking guide
    • Experienced driver
    • Tour Meals
    • Sightseeing entrance fee
    • National park entrance tax
    • Horse riding equipments two ours
    • 2 Bottles (0.5ml) water per day

      The tour excludes:

    • International airfare or train cost
    • Travel Insurances
    • Beverages (soft drinks and alcoholic)
    • Any additional expanse not mentioned above

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