Mongolia possesses a great range of  landscapes and habitats: Lush taiga in the north, a mosaic of steppe and coniferous forests in the north and centre, endless seas of grass in the east and dry desert-steppe and desert in the south. In addition, there are several mountain ranges with sub-alpine and alpine habitats at higher altitudes, and many wetlands. Mongolia is a transition zone, where the flora and fauna of Siberia meet the very different species of the deserts and steppes of Central Asia. The country can be divided into six basic natural zones, differing in climate, landscape, soil, flora and fauna. Mongolia is one of the important breeding and stopever sites for palearctic species. Breeding birds occur in many different habitats (from taiga forest through different steppes to Gobi desert including wetlands). Untouched landscape and nomadic lifestyle give chance to discover a new species for the birds list of the country.

1. Ulaanbaatar

Arrive at Ulaanbaatar. Meet your Guide at the airport and transfer to the ****hotel. After lunch we will start city tour the first stop is Sukhbaatar Square, the central square named after the revolutionary hero of 1921 Damdiny Sukhbaatar who declared independence from China. Time permitting Natural History Museum which is famous for its authentic dinosaur skeletons and and visit Zaisan memorial hill to view of whole city from there. Welcome dinner at restaurant and stay overnight in hotel.

2. Hustai National Park

Early departure to the Hustai National Park which take 90 km to the west site of Mongolia and arrive in Hustai National Park by lunch time, after lunch drive  deep into National park to see wildlife specially world only wild horse Takhi, Also able to see more species of birds such as Upland Buzzard, Saker Falcon, Steppe Eagles Eurasian Hobby, Amur Falcons, Golden Eagles Black Vultures, Lesser Kestrels, Daurian Jackdaws, Rock Sparrows Meadow Buntings which is take 4 hour tour and return back to the ger camp for the dinner and night rest in Ger.

3. Lake Bor

Departure to Borogchin lake which is located  Dashinchilen village of Bulgan province  to see most species of water bird such as  Ruddy Shelduck, Whooper Swan, Pallas’s Reed Bunting, White and Yellow Wagtails, Great Reed WarblersNesting Redshanks, Richard’s Pipit, Asian short-toed Lark, Steppe Eagle, Barn Swallow, Small Snowfinch, Bar-headed Goose, Grey-lag Goose, Ducks, Waders, White-naped Crane pair.  Overnight in tent

4. Ogii Lake

Departure to Ogii Lake which is famous it’s more species of fish and birds which is located near the Khatan Ogii tourist camp,40km. The site is a part of site network of ducks, Geese and Swam. It’s also a favorable stopover and breeding site for migratory birds. Overnight at tourist camp

5. Tsaidam Statue , Erdene Zuu, Khugshin Orhon River , Sangiin Ocean Lake , Ongiin Lake

This day tourist will drive through Orkhon river, Sangiin Dalai lake, Ongii lake which tourist able to see Eurasian Spoonbill, Black-throated Loon, Whooper Swan, Citrine Wagtail, Mongolian Gull, Fork-tailed Swift, Raven, and Black Kite. Overnight at White Burgas tourist camp near to the Ogii lake, 40 km far from Arbaikheer village.

6. Arvaikher, Ongi Monastery

Departure to Ongiin secret tourist camp while stay there tourist able to see more species of Steppe and Dessert bird such as Pallas’s Sand grouse Dessert Wheater, Snowcock , Long -legged Buzzard. Overnight at tourist camp.

7. Bayanzag

Tour start in the early morning. Soar over the vast steppe on a car to the mystical Gobi, site of some of the most important paleontological discoveries of the 20th century. This day, discover the wildlife and varying landscapes of the desert, home to Bactrian camels, Argali mountain sheep, and asker falcons, as well as rare species such as snow leopards and Gobi bears. Also opportunity to see as well as rare species of bird such as Palla’s Sandgrouse, Great Grey Shrike, Isabelline Shrike,

8. Bulgan Village , Western Saikhan Mountain, Gegeetiin Am, Sand Of Khongor

We will drive to Bulgan village furthermore trekking through Baruun Saikhan mountain and Khongor sand dune and enjoy seeing Himalayan Vulture, bearded vulture, Golden Eagle, Mongolian Finch, Wall Creeper, White-winged Snow Finch, Meadow Buntings, Black Redstart, Alpine Accentor. Overnight at tourist camp.

9. Eastern Saikhan Mountain, Dungeneegiin Am

We will enjoy seeing fascinating nature view and unique combination of nature as well as such as sand dune and rock canyon. Also able to see more species of bird such as Saker Falcon, Mongolian Finch more species. Stay overnight at tourist camp.

10. Yolyn Am Dalanzadgad

We will drive through the National Park until we reach an area of the Altai Mountains known as Eagle Valley. This is approximately a 230km drive on fairly good roads taking about 6 hours. This Valley is nestled deep within the hills and is a haven from the desert heat. Some areas of the valley are continually sheltered from the hot sun and house huge, blocks of ice that gradually melt away during the summer. Very wide at the entrance, it narrows gradually into a remarkable gorge. You have some chance to see wild animals such as ibex and wild sheep, of course to see the vulture. Stay overnight at Hotel.

11. Ulaanbaatar

Drive to airport after breakfast. Take a flight back to Ulaanbaatar, transfer to the hotel and lunch at local restaurant in Ulaanbaatar. In the afternoon free time do shopping for cashmere shop, souvenir shop and State Department Store. Stay overnight at **** Hotel

12. End Of Tour /1850km/

After breakfast Check out from hotel and transfer to Chinggis Khaan International airport for departure.

2-3 pax-2500USD per person

      The tour includes:

    • 2 nights stay 4*hotel
    • Ger camp
    • Tents
    • Transportation fee
    • English speaking guide
    • Sightseeing entrance fee
    • National park entrance tax

      The tour excludes:

    • International airfare or train cost
    • Travel Insurances
    • Beverages (soft drinks and alcoholic)
    • Any additional expense not mentioned above
    • Tip for local guide/driver

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