Traveling with us you will experience unforgettable adventure at charming snow-capped mountain of Mongolia. Altai Tavan Bogd National Park is situated on the Western most point of Mongolia. The snow-capped the Cold Peak, 4374 m (14,201 ft), is the highest of the five peaks of Tavan Bogd Mountains. It covers an area of 630,000 hectares and is home to three large freshwater lakes and 34 glaciers, plus several waterfalls. Tours offer some of Asia’s most beautiful and unspoiled wilderness, where the snow-capped Altai Mountains tower above remote forests, lakes, and rivers. Teeming with wildlife, including many endangered species at the park including Argali (wild sheep), Beech marten, Ibex, Grey wolves, Red deer, Black Vulture, Elk, Snow Leopards, Altai snow cock, Golden Eagles and many other local wild animals.

1. Ulaanbaatar

Pick up at the airport with the driver and guide. Hotel check-in. After lunch overview at Sukhbaatar square, Nature Historical Museum, Gandan monastery- Choijin lama temple museum.

2. Ulgii Province

Arrive at Bayan Ulgii province after Ulgii city in the morning. Transfer to local hotel. After breakfast head to local museum for short excursion and the Main Islamic Mosque, and other local famous landmarks.

3. Tsagaan Salaa River, Baga Oigor’s Mountain Art

Excursion by car from city to TsagaanSalaa’s river until 5th century АD. Turkic stone, which is discovered by Russian scientist in 2009.  Overview of bronze arm’s art complex. At Altai Tavan Bogd’s smallest subrange Tsagaansalaa’s river valley that is stretches from 15 km wide to 500m you will experience about 10000 cave paintings, ancient cultural remains and artifacts. Overnight in tents

4. Altai Tavan Bogd

Horse traveling to Altai Tavan Bogd mountain /20km/

Visiting an eagle hunter.

Lunch at Zagastnuur Camp.

Overnight at Black lake in tents. Hike up the Mongolia’s highest peak, the Cold Peak.4374 m (14,201 ft) /20km/.  Overnight in tents

5. Potanin Glacier

Drive to Mongolia’s largest Potanin Glacier /53.5 square km / and other Alexander, Granegglaciers. You will experience unforgettable excursion to largest Potanin Glacier. It covers 53.5 and ice river starts from Altai TavanBogd Snow peaks. Riding on horse-back along the river you will have a great opportunity to observe the beautiful wild untouched countryside, fresh air and fresh water.

6. Bituut Valley, Baavgaisalaa’s Valley,Tsagaan River

Drive 70km to Altai’s most scenic beautiful mountain Bituut, Baavgaikhundii/Bear valley.

Meeting nomadic Kazakh families. Overnight in tents at KhotonNuur lake.

7. Khoton Lake

Enjoying beautiful scenery at Khoton lake, which is situated in Bayan Ulgii province. Then drive to Tsengel soum where Khovd river flows.

Overnight at Kazakh herder`s home and try Kazakh national food.

8. Khurgan Lake

Drive from Khoton lake to Khurgan lake. After enjoying lake scenery we will drive to Ulgii province. Stay at Ulgii province local hotel. Overview of Ulgii province shop and sightseeing.

9. Ulaanbaatar City

Flight from Bayan-Ulgii‘s Airport to Ulaanbaatar city. Transfer to hotel.

10. End Of Tour

Departure from Chinggis Khan International Airport

2-3pax- 2600 USD

      The tour includes:

    • Tour Meals
    • Domestic Flight /1 way-Murun City-UB/
    • Transportation /4WD vehicle/
    • English speaking guide
    • All entrance fees
    • Horse
    • Tents
    • Kitchen equipment

      The tour excludes:

    • International airfare or train cost
    • Travel Insurance
    • Beverages (soft drinks and alcoholic drinks)

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