Er bor hartsaga” traditional naadam festival

Naadam is Mongolian national day. Games are Mongolian wrestling, horse racing, and archery are are held throughout the country during midsummer. The three games of wrestling, horse racing and archery had been recorded in the 13rd century book “The Secret History of the Mongols”.

Place: Tuv province, XIII century complex

Date:   July, 2016

“Er bor hartsaga” program  / 4-5 hour /

  • Festival opening
  • Mongolian wrestling / 16 people /
  • Horse racing  /30 horse/
  • Archery / 10 people, Tourists can participate/
  • Guests can ride horse/ camels, take photos, taste traditional dairy products


 Mongolian traditional performances

1. Morin khuur instrumental

2. Throat singing

3. Drawling song

4. Contortion

Program included: – Lunch, Calligraphy, Traditional music performance, 6 camp’s services

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