• In the 13th century, Mongolia was united by a single man who is known as Chinggis Khan, and controlled the vast area of Asia and Europe under one roof. Chinggis Khan also brought new rule of law, cultural society, and new business trade ways to the people of Mongolia and connected trade routes to Europe from Asia. Even today, the people of Mongolia understand and feel that important connections with him, that we ruled the world. It is found to be in our blood and mind that his contribution to our society lives on.
  • Although we have seen the life and read about the history of Chinggis Khan and in terms of how people lived and the nomadic cultures in the cinema’s around the world or on various books, it is very tough to actually live in that moment of time or tough to imagine ourselves living in that time. One of the fundamental reasons of our construction of the Chinggis Khan’s 13th century complex is that it creates a great opportunity for tourists to relive the 13th century lifestyles and cultural impacts of Mongolia and it will contribute to our dynamic understanding of the history.
  • “13th century complex” is located 96 km far from the Ulaanbaatar city in Erdene soum, Tuv province and which covers an area of 88 hectares surrounding Yol mountain.
  • Due to this, it brought further idea of creating “Bichil Khant uls” project.
  • The “13th Century” complex has the environment of tourism attractions, ger camps, farms, statues and traditional entertainment areas, all in real lifestyle of 13th century era. Within this country, the rule of the law is strong and there is no television, electricity and phones are allowed for the real experience as the purpose of the 13th Century theme park is built and established in real time micro kingdom of the 13th Century to make the real experiences for the tourists during their stay by genuinely providing true environment of the way of living.
  • This is the only camp in Mongolia where you can visit the old time micro kingdom of Chinggis Khaan and his empire. By visiting the camp tourists will enjoy the craftsmen art work, Mongolian calligraphy, learn to write Mongolian traditional scripts, dine in the kings and queens palace, practice archery, horse training and catching horses with lasso pole, riding horses and camels or simply sit back and enjoy the beautiful countryside landscapes and the clear blue sky. Currently, there are six different camps and tribes that provide the above-mentioned services to the customers which are described below in detail:

The 13th Century Complex Theme Parks


This camp is situated at the entrance, the guards inspects costumer’s ticket in the rely station and the servants will lead and guide the tourists to the next camp.


The blacksmiths and craftsmen’s works of XIII century Mongolian is very popular in the world. In the craftsmen camp you will enjoy observing the craftsmen artwork such as horse hold utensils, women’s ornaments, jewelry, arms and tools etc. Throughout the complex, watch closely to the details of the interiors and exteriors as they are all handmade. Their works such as woolen felt decorations, handmade Mongolian carpets and ornaments will amaze you.


By visiting this camp you will have an opportunity to learn the unique culture of the literacy, traditional way of educating their successors and the young. Besides, tourists and guests are offered the chance of practicing the Mongolian calligraphy and many kinds of Mongolians scripts


The everyday life of herders, pastoral culture, the way of breeding in the life-stock, the methods of producing dairy products, horse training and catching horses with lasso pole, processing the leather straps, riding horses, yaks and camels are available with your choice to experience the life of XIII century in Mongolia


Following the customs of each clan, the Shamans from different clans all over Mongolia gather around the bon fire under the blue sky to perform a ritual to worship the mother nature and Gods, aiming for one common deed.  There are several kinds of Shaman’s ritual of worshiping, such as worshiping for 33 heavens, cairn, and the bon fire ritual can be organized for tourists on reservation as it is a extensive but magical event.  Moreover, you can also visit the different clans of shaman’s gers and have your fortune told if you wish, even if you’re a walk in guest.


It is the main attraction point of the XIII Century Theme Park. There are 24 tribes’ flags which symbolizes the history about his triumph of uniting 24 tribes and established Great Mongolian Empire. You will learn about the statecraft of XIII Century of Mongolians.  All the state affairs such as declaring the laws, holding a great forum are carried out at the camp. In the King’s Palace, there will be different programs and receptions while you sit back and enjoy the traditional food, we have more choices of traditional programs on request upon reservation. One of popular choices by our guests is King’s Great Feast where you will experience and devour the traditional way of feast just like our Chinggis Khan did.

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