“Genco Tour Bureau” JSC was established in year 1997 and we are one of the leading tour companies in the tourism sector. We have been bringing our customers the best experience and services on Mongolian history, culture, natural scenery, nomadic life and traditional customs for our tourists throughout our country. Our company also organizes outbound tours from Mongolia through the finest locations with the utmost customer service, and most importantly we have put much effort in developing and promoting Mongolia’s tourism sector by creating man made attractions and services in Mongolia.

The company has been extending foreign and domestic relationship as attending constantly in both of local and international tourism exhibitions and fairs. Now we co-work with tour companies in China, Japan, Singapore, Germany, South Korea, Vietnam, Spain and Turkey. We collaborate with over fifteen top tour operators in Mongolia, hotels, restaurants, and about 150 tourist camps all over Mongolia with 2 resorts, 4 tourist camps and a four star hotel of our own.

For our company’s human resources, we have loyal employees who have got plenty of experience in the tourism industry with potential to grow with the company and the tourism industry. We constantly train our staff and provide lectures on improving service and quality. Genco Tour Bureau supports students studying along this major an opportunity to get the working experience with us during their summer holidays, offer scholarship as well as give employment opportunity upon graduation.

“Genco Tour Bureau” JSC has been operating tourism business according to our goal to be the first in innovation and introducing new services and also to be the role model to other companies in the industry. To this date, we can proudly mention that we have been reaching our goals since and we still plan to continue our ambition for example we were the first to organize a charter flight out of Mongolia, first shareholding Tour Company, first to develop man made complexes and build our tourism attractions related to the Great Chinggis Khan at the same time honoring our nation’s pride. Our main goal is to become the top tourism company through providing high quality service and products with international standard, suited to our customer’s interest.

“Genco Tour Bureau” JSC has been offering below services to the domestic and foreign tourists for over 19 years:

  • Organize inbound and outbound tours
  • Book charter international and domestic flights and trains
  • Book hotel & services
  • Ger camp services
  • Reception and banquet service
  • To organize meetings and seminars​

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